I’m Steffie Alba Nova, I actually gave myself, my pseudo surname, it means New Dawn, and that’s what it is all about.

 There is always hope, a special small moment, a nice dinner, where my sweet peas 〈my workawayers, more about that under the header Workaway〉 scrape there plates, with a piece of bread. Then, I learn that in Italy the little piece of bread to scrape your plate with is called “Scarpetta” whitch means little shoe, so cute.

 But it’s not only sharing food, sharing a moment, with a sweet old grandpa, in the train from Tilburg, Holland, to Rotterdam, a moment of looking into each others eyes and just acknowledging each others existence. 

A smile, a not, ‘of nice to meet you, I hope all is well’, without words.

I have to use words to be able, to write this blog. I think words are overrated though. I hope you feel the energy, that I’m sending into to world, accompanying my words and my recipes.

That you will notice it trough your media device, like the old grandpa noticed me and my energy in the train.  Maybe I can inspire you, touch you, make your live a little easier with tips and tricks, make you happy, or energized, or make you laugh.


About me Steffie

Actually it’s about my Soul! 

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