Awareness for me turning into M.E.

ITs the one day in the Year I Will share this openly about my M.E.

Steffi's Babylonian Sweet Peas

M.E. took over my life a little more than five years ago and little by little it’s trying to take over the whole of me.

The 12th of May is Worldwide M.E./CFS awareness day. The week surrounding it its Action for M.E. Week

  • Dress up! On May 12th, wear blue for ME/CFS/SEID, dye a strip of your hair blue (when people ask why, tell them it is for ME/CFS/SEID awareness), or just get creative!



I’m coming out about the severity of this illness instead of trying to keep up a social acceptable profile.

That’s what M.E. / C.F.S. / Fibromyalgia awareness day asks of us patients.

Share what it’s like. This is a hard task.

Normally  I try to only share the few moments in my life that will get approval and fit in with normal life standards.

But this doesn’t help the cause, getting awareness


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One thought on “Awareness for me turning into M.E.

  1. I could hug you right now. I have been sick since 2011, so, I am slowly finding me. Blogging was my way to find a “new normal”. I may not be as active or as physical as I once was, but, dammit, my brain still works (some of the time). I was in the ICU last year for CFS in my right foot. I was on Ketamine. I hope they have that in Spain. If you can find a DR who uses Ketamine in the office, it does provide some relief. 🙂 {{ SOFT Internet Hugs }}}

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