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Blue Pill = Bliss & Red Pill = Spoonie,  its like in the Matrix

About the Blue and Red Pills


Blue Pill & Red Pill, inspired from the movie The Matrix


Blue Pill

I will share with you the everyday life, good moments, my inspiration, my cooking, my recipes, my love for food and wholesome products. My immense 😉 knowledge of how to cook while listening to your intuition. Sometimes I’ll share a DIY project, beautiful pictures, the adventures of traveling from your own home because of sharing your home with people from all around the world. The happy side of live 😉 all the passion, inspiration, gratefulness and the consciousness of beauty, even in the smallest things surrounding us. Fun stories about cultural differences and the weird situations they will get you in. Sometimes this is hilarious. All of me what is good and light and who I once was to the people who knew me. I will share my soul and inspiration with you, hoping I will touch you energetically and pass my inspiration, my passion, my love for life, my love for love to you. So this is what you can expect swallowing my blue pill.

Sweet sweet Boy

Homemade German Baked Cheesecake


Our Doggies


Some people just need happiness and I will share mine, it’s up to you if you want to glance through the Looking Glass.

In any case thank you for taking the time to read whatever I write. 

It’s all very new to me, and every time as I publish something, I’m sitting around waiting as if it’s Christmas morning , waiting on comments, and likes, and shares, as if my posts is, a big pebble I just have trown in a small pond, hahahaha, silly me, I actually belief that the ripple effect is noticeable within minutes. 

Cheers everybody , have a happy day, and maybe you will come across something today what makes your heart take a little leap, of happiness. 

Warning! if you are faint hearted and in need of only happiness, passion and inspiration in your life stop reading now!

Don’t read the explanation of my Red Pill.  I want you to be able to choose which part of my posts fit into your life.

If you don’t care what you will be Reading. If you want to be surprised at times, maybe even shocked a little. Being touched and find recognition. Or you just like to read whatever I post you can choose  the Home option. 

Red Pill

Neo ( movie The Matrix ) gets the choice from Morpheus to stay in the make belief world, The Matrix. The every day colorful life and to forget there is a real world behind the glitz and the glimmer. To do that he has to take the Blue Pill.


Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Martix

 The other choice is
 to get to go behind the scenes, a look into real life, by taking the Red Pill.

He takes the Red Pill and the world which opens up to him is filled with pain and suffering, but also with truth, reality. It is the place where he finds his soul mate and friends who would give their lives for him. The colors of this life, aren’t bright, shiny and glamorous, there are lots of white, grey, black’s  and shadows. They even can’t enjoy food anymore, which I believe is a very sad thing, as a Foodie 



My experience has been that a lot of people really prefer the bliss of not knowing. I totally understand that and respect that. Knowing is pretty confrontational 😉

Sharing my health situation on FB made me lose my best friends. I’m very sad about that. But I understand it, it’s harder on FB. You can’t choose what you read. It’s there in your face.

As this is my blog and the biggest part of my character has always been about inspiring people and making people happy, ( I’m a humanistic teacher and artist) I still try my hardest to fulfill my calling trough sharing that with you through the Blue pill. 


The truth is I am very sick. I have at least one chronic illness they are still not sure if there aren’t two or three different chronic illnesses in my system.

In my life there is too much pain and suffering. There is still the Steffie inside of me I was before my illness got s grip on my life and being. She wants to express herself as often as possible, but she will get beaten into the tiny box in here heart, time after time again. That small place and my bedroom are my world for the biggest part of the year. My world and options shrunk enormously

It’s painful, frustrating, sad, scary, and most of all very, very lonely.

People all have their own problems. Most of us are not eager to share the burden of an Ill family member or friend. Especially if they can’t be the person you once knew. 

In this struggle there are many real, honest and beautiful things you come across. That helps you to keep your head afloat so you won’t drown in all the sorrow. 

Thank God there is philosophy, writing, poetry, books, music, spirituality, religion stuff that might give solace from time to time. 


Even though I would like nothing more than to have only the Blue Pill to share with you. I have this Red Pill.

For the people in similar circumstances, for the curious people, or the emphatic people I want to be honest. I need to be honest.  I haven’t got the energy any more to try to just make belief. I want the world to know who I became because of this terrible disease, and to explain the Spoonie Theory ( made by Christine Miserandino)  what will make it easier to understand my/our predicament

I am a Spoonie

I will share my light my passion with you.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing my dark, my suffering with you.

But like with all writing{ if it’s for a movie, series, book, or column.

I want you to be able to choose.

I hadn’t posted anything for days. I was ill, very ill. Having the flu, ear infection and gastroenteritis, on top of my chronic illnesses. It is too much to do anything at all. It’s sad and frustrating. But the right moment, feeling a bit better to now, to explain  the format of my blog to you. 

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