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“How to not get away with murder”, Shonda Rhimes writer of Grey’s Anatomy.

There was respect from me to her. A female writer making it big. Keeping a show alive as long as she did. 

Was I still watching Grey’s Anatomy for all the circus worthy act´s the characters had to go through?


The surviving crashes, almost drowning, bomb explosions, black outs, storms, getting shot, talking a first year resident through an operation on yourself while almost under anesthesia, living through plane crashes. That wasn´t the reason I was still watching  

The things that happened to the characters, both to the ever-changing group of supporting characters, as to the hand full of original characters was unreal.

The change from a ¨human character¨, into an ¨untouchable heroic character¨ takes place because of the incredible `adventures´, they had to go through in the storyline.

The true and steady fans of the show followed crisis after crisis. Through all of the suffering, the pain and sorrow, you just knew. Whatever will happen, Meredith and Derek will stay alive.


They might not always be best friends or intimate lovers. But hey, that happens in real live to. We all get too caught up in live sometimes. We could relate to that.

Yes I respected this bad ass writer lady.

Like I mentioned in my former post about this topic. I truly belief as an artist that writing is or can be an art form. You shouldn’t send your work in to the world if you are just making it to satisfy your own ego or using it as a tool to punish actors. 

I get it the whole Ego Boosting Trip. She went with it. Created something that grew so big. Years went by, she grew/changed as a person. Got new interests and inspirations. She wanted to expand, make up other type of stories, new and even crazier ones. We would probably have done the same as Miss Shonda did. Make more shows with different formats and themes.

I can imagine it getting complicated at this point.

It´s probably similar to having three very different children. You will try to be the best Mother to each of them and adapt your parenting skills to their needs. Live is busy. Mother´s get stressed to. So in a stressy situation, the sweet soft child will suffer by the strict rules you have to put down to control the rebellious child.

  Or you can see it as cross-pollination.

La Rhimes used the shock techniques which work so well in here other shows ( ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to get away with murder’) in Grey’s Anatomy. But we never signed up for shock therapy on Grey´s Anatomy.


Shonda notes in here Twitter Account Profile description; “I make stuff up for a living. Remember, it´s not real, Okay? Don´t tweet me your Craziness.”

 She chose a format for Grey’s Anatomy a long time ago and even though the show wasn’t as sparkly anymore. The fans still made it possible for her to build an imperium, on the success of this show. Making steady viewer ratings, episode after episode. Let´s be honest after so many years, the show has lost it´s  mojo a bit. Was boring from time to time, but the fans stayed true to their part of the deal.

So there is this mutual respect. There is the deal.

She makes loads of money can build an empire “Shondaland” and we respect her and follow her lead. We give the writer a descent amount of creative freedom.

She ¨the writer¨,  provides us with the main plot line. The story line we all committed to. 

`A broken young women goes through live alone, she is scarred for life and beliefs to be unable, to be in a steady relationship´. Then you the writer give here the love that all of us women deserve and need. You put the man in here life that can handle her and love her for who she is. Her one true love. They live, struggling, fighting to survive plane crashes and hurricanes, ever after. That was what we chose to watch. That was Shonda´s part of the deal


If we want to see the crudeness of live, in a make belief world. A world where no character is safe. We will watch ‘ Game of Thrones’. You are confronted with the format of this show and of the choices of the writers, pretty quick in the first season. As with every choice in live it’s yours to make. `To watch or not to watch´.

The sub tittle of ¨Game of Thrones¨, could be; nobody is save, hold on to your chair every episode, we will kill of the good and favourite characters and the bad ones will get their turn later.

I like it. Millions like it. The killing of the main and lovable character ‘Ned Stark’ in the first season was shocking and confronting. From that moment on you were warned. You could choose not to watch. Millions chose to watch and keep watching.

` The Americans ´, another show I like, feels even more crude and shocking to me. You just have to love the characters. It takes place in America in the eighties, the time of the cold war. Posing as a normal family with children, who could be your next door neighbour, the parents are Russian Spies and ruthless killers, living under cover without even their children knowing. It gives the whole show an icky vibe.

Again if you can’t handle the format, don’t watch. The writers don´t try to sell their show for something it isn´t.

Back to  Grey´s Anatomy. Yes, the genre is drama. So, dramatic and emotional story lines will happen and they did trough out the years.

What inspires me to write a second post about this topic is the lack of respect. Shonda Rhimes didn’t follow the  unwritten terms of the deal.

The main plot line of a show, the default  state of a show, shouldn’t be touched. (it would have been as unexpected if Derek wouldn´t just have been put to dead, but would have resurrected as a zombie, Walking and Dead) It´s just not that show.

We rooted for Meredith and Derek throughout the years. Why? Because we all need that occasional win. We need it in our own lives, and Grey’s gave it to us. It  inspired us that with enough patience, strength and perseverance, we would get through it all together. We would get hurt, but it wouldn’t ever be fatal.


That’s what the writer promised us. That’s probably why the show was still popular under its followers after eleven years.

She broke her part of the deal and lots of us feel betrayed.

“Such a big fuss on the Internet, people crying, upset, heartbroken and done with it”. You might think, `come on, what’s all that craziness about, it’s a fairy tale, it’s make belief, it’s fake´.

Yes, of course there are horrible things happening all over the world, that are way more devastating.

 It’s not because we are Grey’s anatomy fans, that we aren’t aware of that.

You might wonder, why the emotional and big reaction?  

It’s because (and many people on the web are agreeing on this), we feel used as an emotional punching bag. She didn´t even give us the choice if we wanted to be used as such an item, for her purpose.


Our characters main storyline was kidnapped, then murdered with such carelessness, coldness and hatred, that we feel emotionally drained . 

When people want to make things up and play God in the process, that’s fine, but keep your make belief world to yourself! If you want to share your make belief world, have some respect and consideration for your better half, the audience. 

I lost my respect and even though I’m very curious by nature, I haven’t watch, nor will I ever watch a production by Shonda Rhimes again. She lost my trust.

The actors can’t help it. I still respect their performances and will follow their careers, after they will be killed off in Grey´s.

As a writer I am so happy because I just got an instruction guide how to not treat your readers and disappoint your audience  

Thank you Shonda Rhimes, for showing  me

`how to not get away with murder´



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