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Our Dutch Heroes, Poffertjes and Wentelteefjes Recipe

 I found myself in The Netherlands this morning, just virtually, but still it was a nice trip.

(I usually call it Holland, but they told me that´s incorrect, and a lot of Dutch people, that don´t come, from around, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Haag, take offense, to that name, so I´ll be nice)

It was not, to walk around the street, dressed up in orange, or to drink lots of beer, listen to live music, walk around on fairs, that I was in The Netherlands.  No, I was´nt even aware, of the fact, it was Kings Day today. Since I was a little girl, Queens Day, took place, on the 30th of April, and it had been like that for many many years. The new King changed the celebration of our monarchy to today. If it had´nt have been for my future Dutch Workawayer, I would´nt have had a clue, that everybody in The Netherlands was partying today.

No, the idea, to write this post, and for my mini trip, to The Netherlands, this morning, was because of Esme. My sweet former Workawayer from Manchester, send me, these adorable pictures, of the Poffertjes, she had this morning, in Amsterdam at the Airport, Schiphol. She assured me, mine were better. Sweet!  And that they are, and doughy, and yum. A mini, nicer version of a pancake.

To make them at home, and really do it properly, you  might want to invest, in a real Poffertjes pan, you can buy them online and once you tried them you will be hooked. You can use a normal pan, but try to make small dots, and build them up a bit, because real Poffertjes are thick-ish.

Dutch Sugar, Syrup, and icing Sugar
Poffertjes Pan

The recipe for making Poffertjes

serve 4

  • 1 teaspoon instant yeast

  •  1 tablespoon milk

  • 100 grams Buckwheat flour

  • 100 grams Flour

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 teaspoon sugar

  • half a teaspoon salt

  • 250 ml warm milk

  • 1 tablespoon of butter

  • to serve, good quality butter and icing sugar, for adult version a splash of Grand Marnier

  • preparation:

  • in a small bowl, dissolve yeast in the milk.

  • in a separate bowl, combine the 2 types of Flour, eggs, yeast mixture, sugar, salt, and half of the milk.

  • mix till a smooth consistency

  • add remaining milk and beat again

  • cover the bowl, let it rest for an hour

  • put the batter into pouring bottles (for example ketchup bottle)

  • melt the butter in the Poffertjes or frying pan

  • drizzle batter in the holes till full or build up little dots in the normal pan, by drizzling very slow in a circular way

  • as soon as they have set use a bbq pin to stick them in the side and turn them around

  • as soon as they are done, put on a plate this takes les then a minute each side

  • serve with butter, icing sugar and splash of Grand Marnier, for special occasions

  • traditionally we drink a big glass of cold milk with it

Wentelteefjes with apricot jam and icing sugar

The other hero of today, is a recipe on request by Sweet Lizzy from Devon U.K.

Its Wentelteefjes, the Dutch version of French toast, or Pain Perdu. It´s such a silly name in Dutch and I don’t know if I should translate it, because it literally says, ¨Flipping Bitches¨. They say it could have something to do with the fact that you have to flip them over a few times, other sources, refer to female dogs, what is kind of weird because I can´t see the link.  But every workawayer that has come to my home, loved them and they say they never had anything similar. So im going to give this very easy recipe to you, whenever I make it, it puts smiles on everybody´s faces.


serves 2 to 4

8 slices of bread, preferably a day or two old

350 ml milk

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of Cinnamon

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 pinch of salt


  1. beat the eggs with the vanilla extract and Cinnamon and sugar

  2. pour the milk on it and mix it all together

  3. dip your bread into the mixture, let it soak it self full, depending on the thickness of the bread and how old it is, its between 5 and 20 minutes, it has to have soaked up enough but not too much because then it will fall apart.

  4. get the butter hot in the pan, and fry the slices of bread till both sides are nice and golden, i would turn the heat to medium after a few minutes. 

serve with icing sugar, dutch syrup, or jam, or put whatever makes you happy on them 😉

it easy, its cheap, every one can make this!!! 

The Wentelteefjes Frying in the butter

 So long live the King and our Dutch traditions 😉 (I´m joking, about the King part, just sounds so nice theatrical. Traditions I do think we should keep, at least the good, or yummy ones

King and Queen of the Netherlands Kings Day 2015

The King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, are playing, a Dutch traditional game, “Koekhappen” , a very old game going back for centuries. We still use this game at children’s parties. You have to eat pieces of a cookie, hanging from a string, lots of times with your eyes closed, it’s quit difficult, as it jingles and jangles around, the  first who finishes eating the cookie, wins 😉

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