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A Writers Dillema, to Slaughter or to Set Free Grey’s Anatomy’s wrong choice!


You know that feeling.

You have been reading a great book and it finishes.

You feel a bit or a lot empty. The characters that you felt for, had adventures with, shared, maybe, laughs or tears with. They are done, their story is over.  You may miss them to much, and will go further, the days after finishing reading, you will catch yourself day dreaming , fantasize where their lives would have taken them after that last page.



Or you will just pick up the book, and read it again, and again, to keep close to your beloved characters.

 I’m writing a book, it’s looking like it’s going to be at least a trilogy. There is just too much story for the one book.

Could you imagine, 〈and please, bear with me a little bit longer so I can really get my message across〉 reading a sevenologie 〈serie of seven books〉.


I did, and after five books my hero died, I was so sad, but he was old and tired and I got it, it was his time to go, but his son followed in his foods steps, a new generation. Such is live. That’s as it is, and as it should be. Your sad but that’s live.

Now could you imaging the responsibility, the producers and writers of long living television series have. We are not talking about one book, or seven. We are talking about 11 years of 20 plus episodes a year, of following characters lives. Seeing their growth and demise. Growing up with them, having babies together.


There are the heroes of course. We all need them to keep inspiring us, in this harsh world. A world where people, not all hug and make love and won’t get sick and die.

We need Art, to keep reminding us of beauty and bliss, because there are too many things daily, that shock us so much, that in the end we are almost un–shockable.


Yes I’m one of them emo women, that followed the struggles of Meredith and Derek on Greys Anatomy. It gave me strength. They showed me I am not the only one struggling and that sometimes in live, the right parts fall on the right place.


As a writer, I experienced the 〈lets kill Derek as horrible as possible〉 episode of Grey’s Anatomy as a cheap, way to get rid of a character that we viewer’s all had a good relation with.

‘But Steffie T.V. is make believe’. Yes of course, but it is supposed to be an art form, and art is for the people, other wise you shouldn’t share it. From an artistic point of view, the right thing should have been, to set the character Derek free, so us women could keep hope.

I am one of the  lucky ones. I have got my Dreamy Guy at home. When I asked my guy, if should he have known, that I would get chronically ill, and therefore disabled, in many ways, would you still have chosen me to be your one. Would you still have come up to me, have tapped me, on my shoulder, and asked me ‘are you going to stay in our bar the whole evening, because I think you are such a beautiful Lady, I would love to watch you dance, the rest off the night’. Would you still have offered me, that drink, that night in your bar. Would you still have married me within a year, have gotten pregnant with me within that same year, and chosen to begin a new live in far away Spain with me, knowing about all you know now.With his dreamy blue eyes he looked at me took a second and said with a big smile of course you are my one, whatever happens.


You don’t slaughter a main character like this.


Suffering of pain, and fully conscious of the fact, that he could be saved, in the right hands, but now will die, because he is, in the wrong hands. The writers didn’t even show us, not one of the thoughts, he must have had, thinking about leaving his loved ones behind. Not seeing his little kids grow up, not being there for his one true love.

What got cleared up to me is that T.V. maybe isn’t an art form after all, what a shame. It could be.

I made my decision, I wont be like Shonda Rhimes. I wont go for the shock effect, in my books. The ending will be kept true, ˜they lived happily struggling after˜. And when its time to go, its time to go, but if you got the power, over the way how one should go, even if it’s a made up character, have some respect!!!!

One thought on “A Writers Dillema, to Slaughter or to Set Free Grey’s Anatomy’s wrong choice!

  1. There are millions of possibilities to end a story-line. Even from the point of a non Grey´s Anatomy follower this was a cheap shock shot.Nothing against shock TV, but the most important for every writer is to stay true to his genre, his audience.

    Let´s leave the not being considerate with regards to story-lines to the one that does that best, lets leave that up to God.

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