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A Fairy tail to Workaway 

Yes what’s is she babbling, about in every post. Workaway, Sweet Peas 😉

Many, many years ago we lived in a magic kingdom, between the provences of Granada and Almeria, in a warm, blue skye, green, lush, open and friendly realm called España.

cortijo Melon Laroles Spain

 We lived in a big stone house, with no neighbours for miles and we just heard, the faded noises from the little white village at the other side of the deep river cliff.  It felt like being Queen, of my little piece of earth.

its poppies

I grew plants,Roses, Sweet Peas, sunflowers. Vegetables, ( peas, spinach, rainbow Swiss chard, broccoli, beetroot, onions, scallions, fennel, watercress, rockett, lettuce, green beans etc, so many. We had fruit trees, Orange, Apple, Pear, Pomegranate , Figs, Olives, Sharon fruit, Cactus fruit, Cherries, and more. Trees full of tasty earthy nuts, lots and lots and hectares full of Almonds, Chestnuts, Walnuts, even Pistachios.

The King, did hard work in the vegtable gardens, and was always looking for dead wood, to keep the family warm in winter. They lived blissfully for a long time. They came from an other realm, full of interactions, a colourful mix and match of cultures and people, and colours filled society.

 A place where you were served food, from all around the world, in every Inn. They loved that realm, but it had become a bit to busy for them, so they never looked back, didn’t even consider going back, but something kept missing. They missed the multi coloured friends and interactions with so many cultures.

So the Queen, searched, in the magic know it all machine, and the found an organisation called People from all around the world, volunteering for you, while you provided them with a bed, shower and food.

The King loved the idea, now he had more pairs of hands, to carry the big logs of dead wood, to the stone house, and some body, could help him to cut it in to pieces.

But what the Queen loved the most, was that she and the little tree year old Prince, would have their cultural interaction back. Talking Babylonian, the many languages, they were able to. And it was a feast.

People came from all around the world, to their remote Kingdom, helping, sharing laughter and sorrow 〈because sadly so many people have lived trough some kind of sorrow, it doesn’t matter how young or old people are〉, but most off all “making singing like sounds while eating”.

The kingdom was complete, but when something, is so perfect, there is always a threat that the dark force will find out about it, it doesn’t matter how remote you live.

And that’s just what happened in this fairy tale. A bad fairy came, and broke the spell of bliss. Then she stole the money of the King, and placed a dreadful curse on the Queen. She would never be healthy again, unless certain stars would a line, and a very special professor, would find a magic cure.

Leaving them to rot and wither, from pain and hunger, because farming costs money to. She thought she had won.

Haha, but this King and Queen weren’t the easy victims, she believed them to be.

With pain in their hearts and souls,  they left there Kingdom, to go to the ” big city” Granada.

The King, found a job, in an inter global firm, and the Queen, well here pain and battles didn’t go away, but she got smarter and smarter in how to live with here curse.

But because they had built such a good name,  in the workaway community, the workawayers followed them in to, the new smaller mansion.

New Mansion
New Mansion

Maybe because they liked the Queen, (who was no longer a Queen, now but a Lady)


Maybe because they loved the Kings sense of humour ( who was no longer a King now, but an Account Manager)


Maybe because they loved the little Prince ( who was no longer little but almost a teenager)

Nikki from Germany with Kyrian our Son

Maybe because they loved the horses  ( who turned into four dogs and tree cats after the curse)

Esme from the U.K. with Rayo, one of the dogs

or maybe it’s just here COOKING. 

homemade cream tea in Spain for English Girlfriends
homemade cream tea in Spain for English Girlfriends


And they lived fighting and burdened, like most people, but happy and loving and ever after.

With the help of so many sweet strangers from all around the world, my darling Babyloninan Sweet Peas. 

And nobody could rob them of their memories, of living in their own Kingdom a long, long time ago. 

Ps. A more practical description of what workaway is you can find on

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