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Calming Rose with French Vanilla Tea, and Bad Dog Calamaties







Don’t worry, no animals were harmed a lot, to write this post.



As an insomniac, I sleep, especially the last few months, from, say between 06.00 and 08.00, in the morning, till 14.00 to 15.00 in the afternoon. (It’s a nightmare but that aside)

Lucky for me, Kyrian comes home from school, at 14.30 so most of the time I’m “the MOM” when he gets home, and I’ll  have made lunch, for the bunch.

Sam and Lizzy
Sam and Lizzy
Our sweet couple from Devon. Salivating over our Cherry Chicken Curry Pie recipe will follow in later post.

Yesterday was our overlap day. In the early morning, our sweet couple, from the south of England left. They stayed with us for about two months. In the early evening, our newest member of our growing Workaway family, arrived. A Sleep deprived, dead tired guy, from the beautiful south of Italy, Puglia. Who had to travel from his town to Bari, from there get a plane to Rome, walk around the Rome airport all night, to get a plane in the morning to Seville, where he had to wait almost all day, to get a lift trough BlaBlaCar, to arrive at the Granada bus station at 18.30, were we picked him up, and drove him to our house in ten minutes πŸ˜‰ The weary life of Adventurers.

Patito and KyrianPatito and KyrianPatito is such a cuddly little bear always happy with all the dog walkers unless…..

As he hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, we wanted him to get his rest first, and couldn’t really show him the ropes. The main chores of our workawayers are, getting Kyrian up in the morning and get him to the school bus. Walking our lovely four dogs multiple times a day.


And that’s were things went south, all the way south to Andalusia πŸ˜‰

I was a sleep, finally, soundly, with my best buddies the Earplugs in. With sleeping during the day, there is obviously a lot more rumbles and stumbles. Out of nowhere ( I was in dreamland) Macchiato jumps on top of me. Well she loves me a lot, so it’s all good, with here best intentions, she starts licking my face overly excited. Startled and half waking up, with a misty glare, I see the most worried, DARK brown eyes I have ever seen, with an even more worried frown above them,  hanging above my head, above my bed :-/  

Moving his mouth without any sound coming from it.

‘Oh, yeah the earplugs’, as soon as I pull them out, I hear Patito, the furriest dog of all, bark and the guy, shutter and apologise.

What happened was,

Patito, was pissed at the new guy.  He tried to get the collar on him, inside out, upside down and even tried to put his poor legs, with arthritis in the collar. ( no it’s not that kind of collar, my friend) That hurt. I have never seen Patito as pissed and snappy, to any other workawayer or dog walker before. ( the sweetie didn’t bite and would never do, but he was complaining, about how he had been ‘miss’treated) the guy with even bigger BROWN eyes is still apologising at this point πŸ˜‰

Poor Patito, poor guy, but most of all poor me. I just had two hours of sleep. Blehhhh. After solving things calmly and effectively, I’m sure, if the guy is going to put the collar on, the right way the next time, they are going to be best buddies.

Sweet Rose Fragrance
Sweet Rose Fragrance
But I’m awake, adrenaline my worst enemy is the culprit, nothing else to do, then sooth my sorrow,  of again having lost my Precious hours of Sleep with, a lovely cup of

Rose with French Vanilla Tea, and burning some Nag Champa Incense to at least get harmonious.

So NO cooking for me today, the guys can figure that out. But yes lots of yummy products from Puglia, I’m going to post about later.

and fingers crossed hopefully I’ll get a small  CAT NAP later today.




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